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In the heart of Silicon Valley, a young woman finds her calling while saving a used bookstore.


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I like eating cantaloupe, watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and dancing to blues music, possibly all at the same time.


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Thoroughly rooted in the now, but achingly in love with the past, The Moment of Everything is a book lover’s book — a warm-hearted illustration of the continuing relevance of books and bookstores in our modern culture that’s sure to make readers fall in love.

Lydia Netzer

author of Shine, Shine and How to Tell Toledo From the Night Sky

aboutmeHi! I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Shelly, and as you can see, I write books. My first novel, The Moment of Everything, was released from Grand Central Publishing (Hachette) in 2014. Here you’ll find out more about me, my work, any up-to-date news, such as appearances.

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 In my new life as a novelist, I have to remind myself that reading is no longer only a pleasure. It's part of my job. So I make sure I schedule reading time every day along with writing time. And this is where I'm spending that reading time today. This is when being a writer kinda rocks.  Cuddles  Petunias  Seeing a friend's novel on the front table in my local bookshop is like getting to say "hi" to them in person. @bookshopsc @anthonybreznican  The great white whale has a boo-boo.
 Today's garden photo  Marigold  One chapter in and I'm already freaked out. #TheLibraryatMountChar #NewBooks @scottrhawkins  #SantaCruz  Visitor


strandbooks:Super sweet note found in a book from Dad.strandbooks:Super sweet note found in a book from Dad.strandbooks:Note found in a book.

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